Using Password Generator

Enpass has a built-in password generator to help you in creating unique and robust passwords for all your accounts on the go.

Generating Passwords

The password generator provides you with multiple options to choose from and generate passwords basis the inputs you provide.

You can generate password from Edit page of any item by tapping the Generate button right next to password field.


You can alter the password’s complexity using the various advanced controls provided on the generator.

You can create pronounceable as well as random passwords using the password generator tool.

Pronounceable Passwords

Pronounceable passwords are created with Diceware methodology using 14400 English dictionary words.


Words means the total number of words you wish to have in your password.

You can choose to Include any uppercase letters, digits, along with the special characters with which you wish to separate the words.

Random Passwords

Password Generator also allows you to generate Random passwords. Choosing a random password is useful when you want to create passwords for websites that have restrictions on the number of characters your password should have.


Similar to pronounceable passwords, you can modify the password length, uppercase letters, digits, and symbols. Random password generator is unique as it allows you to also specify either minimum or exact number of letters, digits, and symbols you wish to add.


Some websites force you to use only a particular set of characters in the password. Enpass password generator gives you the flexibility to exclude and include any special character in the Symbols textbox.

If the option of Ambiguous Characters is off, Enpass will not include following letters in your password: 1 (one), l (small L) and I (eye); O (oh) and 0 (zero).

Password History

Enpass keeps a record of the passwords that you used, along with their respective timestamps. This feature is especially useful when you have to change a website’s password using the Enpass password generator.

Password history of an item

To check the password history of any item, open the item and tap on the password field, you’ll see a swipe menu with 3-dots. Tapping on that will present a context menu with History and Check if Compromised option. Select History to see the previously used passwords.

History of all the passwords

You can check the history of all the passwords created using Enpass password generator by following these steps:

  • Open the password generator → tap on the options menu (3-dots) → History. A list of all the passwords generated using password generator will appear.

Password Strength

Entropy is a measure of password strength. Enpass uses Zxcvbn for calculation of entropy of random passwords. More details about zxcvbn are here.

If a password is pronounceable, Enpass calculate both Zxcvbn and Diceware entropy and least of them will be used to show strength. Strength meter is calibrated for following corresponding entropy to display values.

Entropy Strength
<35 Very poor
35-50 Weak
50-70 Average
70-100 Good
>100 Excellent