Getting Started

If you have purchased Enpass on a platform, we recommend you register your purchase. The purpose of registration is to link your purchase with a valid email address so that you don’t have to buy it separately on all platforms. This section will show you how to activate/restore your Enpass license across multiple platforms via following steps:

  1. Click on Active Enpass.
  1. Enter your registered email address.
  1. Verify it via OTP
  1. Once verified, the app will restore the license linked with the registered email address.

As a new user

If you’re a new user, you first need to set up a master password before adding any items. Enpass encrypts all your data with the master password. Read more about master passwords.

To create a master password, follow these steps:

  1. On the Welcome screen of Enpass, tap Start for free.
  1. Create your master password and tap Continue.


This is the only password you need to remember. Because you need it to open/unlock Enpass, keep the master password safe and secure.

You can select a few settings here for a quick setup.


You are now a trial user of Enpass and can add up to ten items. See Adding items.


By registering, you can remove this limit.

As an existing user

If you are an existing user of Enpass, you would be having your data somewhere, either on any cloud where you have synced before or a local backup of data. You can directly restore that data from a Backup File or from a cloud.

  • Open Enpass. On the Welcome screen you can see the option, Restore existing data. Tap to continue.

Restore data using your cloud service provider. You will require the master password for this.


Import Passwords from Other Sources

It might be possible that you already have some passwords saved in other password managers, browsers, CSV files, etc. You can install Enpass on your desktop to import data from other sources and use cloud sync to seamlessly synchronize data in Enpass between the desktop and mobile.