Enpass for Chromebooks

Enpass is entirely integrated with the Chrome Operating System running on Chromebooks. The contemporary Enpass App for Android also works with those Chromebooks which supports the Apps from Google Play Store. The process of setting up Enpass on Chromebook is same as setting up Enpass on Android devices.

Autofilling in Chromebooks

One of the best assistance that Enpass provides is the freedom to Auto-fill your information with just a single click. No speculation, no typing, no copy/paste required- Enpass does it all for you.

Enpass extension for Chromebook is the same extension used for the Chrome browser in the desktops, and in Chromebooks, it only works with the supported versions.

Installing Enpass Extension

Installing Enpass extension for Chrome browser in Chromebook is same as installing it for the Chrome in desktops.

  • Click on Add to Chrome and a pop-up will appear prompting you to add the extension to the browser.
  • Click on Add extension to add the extension to Chrome browser. Once securely installed, you will see an Enpass icon at the top-right corner of your browser.

Enable Autofilling

To do the autofilling using Enpass extension in supported Chromebooks, you first need to enable it from Enpass settings.

  • Go to Enpass setting and click on Autofill.
  • It will land you on the Autofill page. Enable Autofill in Chrome browser, and it will land you on the page where you need to connect the extension with the Enpass app. Once it’s done, you can enjoy the seamless autofilling with Enpass on Chromebook.

Using Enpass Extension

While browsing, Enpass extension does many operations like Autofilling logins and credit cards, updating and saving new logins, etc.; thus giving a smooth browsing experience in an easy way.

Autofilling Logins

The Enpass extension detects logins forms on the fly, and the desired information is fetched securely from Enpass database.

  • Click the Enpass icon to launch Enpass extensiom from your browser when you reach a login page.
  • Enpass will show you a list of all matching login items (already saved) for that domain. Select the one you want to sign in with..
  • Login details will be filled-in automatically.

Autofilling Credit Cards

Similar to logins, Enpass also detects the credit cards forms on pages those ask for credit-card information.

  • Click the Enpass icon on browser to launch Enpass extension and it will show the list of saved credit cards.
  • Select the card you want to fill with and Enpass will automatically fill the details.


Credit card information will be filled only if the credit card form is in the visible area on the screen. Otherwise, You’ll have to scroll the form into visible area to autofill the fields.

Saving New Logins

When you log into any web-page with new information (not saved in Enpass database), Enpass automatically detects the attempt and prompts you to save the information as a new login, and all this without switching to Enpass App.

  • Click Yes and you’ll be prompted to unlock Enpass extension.
  • Unlock the Enpass extension and click Save to save it as a new item in Enpass.

Updating Existing Logins

When you log in to an existing webpage (saved in Enpass database) with a new password, Enpass detects the changes and prompts to update the information. See how:

  • Go to the login page and fill the login details.
  • Click login and a pop-up will appear asking to update the existing item.
  • Click Yes and you’ll be prompted to unlock Enpass extension.
  • Unlock the Enpass extension and click Update to update the item in the Enpass database.
  • You can also save this as a new item by selecting the Save as new item from the dropdown list in the extension.

Searching items

Just click on the Search Bar, and start typing the text you are looking for. Enpass will search in the currently selected vault and will refine the results as you type. You can search the items saved in Enpass database and also sign-in to the web-page using the extension.


Generating Passwords

You can create robust and unique passwords by just clicking on the Password Generator icon.


The password generator in Chromebooks works the same way as the password generator in Android, read more.

Autofilling in Android Apps

Enpass has integrated the Android Autofill Framework on Chromebooks. This makes it easy for you to autofill your usernames and passwords in the supported Android Apps.