Autofilling Passwords

With Enpass, you don’t need to manually copy and paste your passwords in the apps and browsers as it can securely autofill the login and credit card details in apps and supported browsers.

Enpass in Android uses the following three approches to do the autofilling, and for better experience you can enable all of them at a time.

  1. Android Autofill Framework
  2. Android Accessibility
  3. Enpass Keyboard

Depending on the Android version on your device, the Autofill options might look different. For help in activating and using Autofill on your device, please have a look here.

The following table gives you quick glance over the ways you can use to autofill on different Android versions:

Android OS Autofills using
Autofill Framework Android Accessibility Enpass Keyboard
Android 9.x & above

Supported apps & browsers

Supported apps & browsers

Android 8.x

Supported apps only

Supported apps & browsers

Pre Android 8

Supported apps & browsers