Enpass for Android Watch

Enpass for Android Wear Watch lets you access your frequently required items directly from your wrist.

Enabling Enpass for Android Watch

For setting Enpass for Android Watch all you need is Enpass App installed on your device and an Android Watch.

  • Pair your Android Watch with your Android Phone → Open Enpass on your Android Phone → Go to Enpass Settings and select Android Watch → Enable Android Watch.
  • Enable PIN code (optional) and use it to unlock Enpass on Android Watch.


For security reasons we strongly recommend you to create a PIN to unlock Enpass App on Android Watch.

  • Enable Show TOTP Only and Android Watch will show the TOTP of the item, hiding all other fields.

Adding items

  • To add an item to Android Watch, go to the details screen of item → Tap Add to Watch.
  • You can access all the items added to watch from Sidebar → OTHERSAndroid watch.
  • All the selected items will be added into the Watch folder and they will be displayed in Enpass for Android Watch.


Android Watch works through the Android Phone to which it is paired. It communicates securely only with that device over bluetooth using Android Wearable Data Layer API.

Only those items are accessible on Watch which you added to Android Watch for sharing. These shared items are not as secured as rest of the items as they are no more being protected by your master password. Infact they are stored in watch itself, which is protected by your watch os. However, these items do not leave the watch in any case.

For extra security, you should enable the PIN code for Watch. Otherwise if anyone gets access to your watch, will be able to see the items stored on it. So one should use Android watch with great attention and care.