Getting Started

Enpass is fun to understand and use. Throughout the manual, you will find a few tips, warnings and notes; keep them in mind while using the app.


The Enpass version 5.6.0 requires iOS 8.0 or later. It is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Setting up Enpass

Here are the possibilities and their relative ways of setting up the app.

Welcome Screen

Right after installing or restoring the app, you’d see the new welcome screen. Slide left the pages to pass on to the Quick set-up page.


As a new user

New users need to set a Master Password. It is the only password that you’ll have to remember. Here’s some advice for thinking of a strong master password.


After setting up the master-password, you’d see a quick set-up page, where you can enable the touch id, cloud sync and even start using Enpass with some ready-to-use sample data.



In case you forget your master password, there is no way that we could recover it for you. Hence, make sure that you keep a copy of it in a safe place.

As an existing user

If you already use Enpass, you should be having a backup of your data. The welcome screen allows you to directly restore your existing data from a local PC or from a cloud where you synced before.