Changing a Website’s password

Following steps would help you change a website’s password using the Enpass Password Generator:

  • Login to the website using your current credentials (saved in Enpass).
  • Go to the Change Password option within the website.
  • Switch to Enpass.
  • Copy your current password.
  • Switch back to your browser and paste your current password here.


Certain websites don’t ask for your current password to set a new one. In those cases, begin from the following step.

  • Tap the password Generator button (at bottom).
  • Generate a new password and copy it to the clipboard.
  • Paste it in the New Password field (and the Confirm New Password field) and save the changes.

Now that you have changed your password on the website, the following steps would help you update this new password in Enpass.

  • Switch to the Enpass app.
  • Edit that particular item and open the Password Generator by tapping its button (next to the Password field).
  • Tap the new password from Password History. Your password would be updated automatically.
  • Tap Save.


In case, you skip saving your new password in Enpass, you can review it from the Password History later.