Backup and Restore

This service lets you take backups of your Enpass data on a PC and restore your existing backup files onto your device.

Make sure that your device and PC are connected to the same wifi and your device’s screen remains in foreground throughout the following process:

  • When started, the Backup and Restore screen shows you an IP address of your local network.
  • Using a browser on your PC, navigate to this address. The browser would show the Backup and Restore Service page.

Taking Backups

  • Click on Backup in your PC’s browser.

Your Enpass backup would be saved in your PC in an encrypted file.

Restoring Backups

  • Tap Choose File.
  • Browse to the backup file’s location.
  • Tap Submit. If the Enpass data file you’re trying to restore is of version 4.5.0 or above, you would be asked to enter the master password of that file. Otherwise the file will be successfully restored on your device after a confirmation message.
  • After correct entry of master password, you’ll see a warning message saying your previous data will be overwritten after restore. Tap Restore to continue.
  • Now you’ll see a quick set-up page, where you can easily enable the Touch-ID and also iCloud sync. If you’re setting up Enpass for the first time, you’ll also see an additional option to start using Enpass with some sample data. Click on Start using Enpass to continue.


The restored file would replace the pre-existing one in your device.

We suggest that you take regular backups so that data consistency is maintained among all your cross-platform devices. This way unfavorable situations such as, device theft, can be tackled. Also, if you have enabled sync, all your changes would be auto-updated to the cloud.