Limited processing power, memory, input capabilities and lack of APIs restrict Enpass on supported wearables to perform any true cryptography. Security of your data on wearables relies on default security provided by OS.

Apple Watch and Android wearables

Enpass for Apple Watch and Android wearable works only through the Enpass App on paired iPhone or Android device using Apple Watchkit and Android Wearable Data Layer API respectively over Bluetooth.

Only those items are accessible on Watch which you manually allow from Enpass app on device by adding them to Watch folder for sharing. These shared items are stored on Watch and instead of your master password, they’re protected by watch OS. However, these stored items do not leave the watch in any case; neither during the backup of iTunes nor of iCloud Keychain.

For extra security, along with the Watch PIN, you should enable the PIN code for Enpass App on Watch also. Otherwise, if anyone gets access to your watch, will be able to see the items stored on it without any authentication required. So one should use Apple watch with great attention and care.

User’s responsibility

Using Enpass on Watch is like carrying your physical wallet. For better security of your data, while using wearables, it is advised to

  • use a good device passcode.
  • use a good Enpass Watch PIN Code.
  • avoid storing unnecessary items on Watch. Only the frequently used short items like locker code etc. must be shared for Watch access.