The Desktop version allows you to share a single item at a time among other Enpass users in scrambled form. The person with whom you want to share the item must be having Enpass password manager on his desktop or smartphone.

Sharing an item

  • To share an item, go to Item menu in menu bar and click Share. Choose the application through which you want to share it or you can simply copy it to the clipboard.
  • A pop-up will appear to alert you about the risk of sharing data outside the Enpass. When you share your Enpass data outside the app, it is no longer protected by the master password. So you’ve to rely on the security of the apps through which you’re sharing the data.
  • Click I Understand button to continue.
  • Now you’ll be provided with the list of fields that you can manually choose to work with. You’ll also get an option to include the plain text, enabling that will add the plain text of the fields you’ve selected along with the scrambled text to share.


No attachments will be shared while sharing the item.

Items can be shared in the following two formats:

  1. Plain Text: Plain text item can be read by anyone.
  2. Scrambled: Scrambled item can only be accessed by Enpass users.


Plain text poses a security threat, in case of sensitive data. Sharing private data in plain text should be avoided unless it’s an urgency.

  • Now the item you’ve selected would then be converted to plain text (if you’ve selected the option) along with the Enpass-shareable link formatted like enpass://share?data= and would be ready to share.

Adding a shared item

A shared item can be added to Enpass by directly opening the shared link or by copying that to clipboard first.

Adding through clipboard

  • Copy the whole shared link on clipboard.
  • When you come to Enpass main screen (with the data on clipboard), it automatically detects the data on clipboard and asks you to add the item to keychain.