Managing Folders

Folders let you manage your data in traditional and better way.

Creating Folder/Subfolder

  • A new folder can be created either from the + sign or you can use keyboard shortcut Option+Cmd+N in Mac OS.
  • A new folder named Untitled will be created under Folders in sidebar. If any folder is already selected, a subfolder will be created under the selected folder.
  • A subfolder can also be created by right-clicking on the folder and selecting Create subfolder from the context menu.
  • You can change the folder icon from the context menu by right clicking on that folder.

Populating Folder

Any folder can be populated with items or sub-folders by following the steps below.

  • Select the items you want to add in any folder.
  • Drag ‘n’ drop the selection on that folder.
  • Items will be added to that folder.
  • You can also copy (instead of moving) the items from one folder/subfolder to another folder/subfolder. Just drag the selected item, press and hold the option (alt) key, and drop over the desired folder/subfolder.
  • The same way, you can move the selected folder/subfolder to the other folder/subfolder by simply dragging ‘n’ dropping.

Editing/Deleting Folder

  • Right click on the folder and you will see options to edit and delete the folder.
  • You can also change the icon by choosing the icon from Change icon menu.
  • Click on Delete to remove it. If the folder is not empty you will see a warning message as below. Click OK to continue with removal process.