Browser Settings

This section of settings is used to control the behaviour of Browser Extensions. You’ll see the following screen when you click on the browser tab.

Install Browser Extensions

By clicking Install Browser Extensions button, you will be redirected to a web-page where Enpass Extensions are available to download and install.


Enable Browser Extensions

Enable the browsers extensions in settings to use the Enpass Extensions in the Supported Web Browsers. One can not use the Enpass browser extensions if it is disabled in the settings.


Verify Browsers

Enpass authenticates web browsers by validating their code signature. If the authentication fails,The Enpass extension will not be able to fill anything. We recommend you to enable this verification for security purposes, Otherwise disable this verification to let Enpass communicate with unsigned Browsers.


Auto-submit pages after filling logins

By enabling Auto-submit button, Enpass extension will automatically fill and log you into the web pages you want to access.
  • You can enable/disable auto-submit feature of a specific item by going to it’s detail screen too.

Automatically copy TOTP after autofill

Enpass will automatically copy the TOTP from the item to the clipboard after autofilling the username and password on the webpage. You’ll just have to paste the TOTP in the required field and log in. Enpass will also automatically update the TOTP to the clipboard once it gets changed after 30 seconds in the item.


Ask to save new logins

A pop-up will appear in the browser everytime you try to login a new webpage (not saved in Enpass Keychain) or an existing webpage with new information(uername/password). Select Save to save the details in Enpass Keychain. User can enable/disable this feature from here.


Match URL hostname

Once enabled, Enpass extension will only show you the list of items having the same URL hostname on a login page.



If the items with same hostname are not present in the Enpass keychain, extension will show the items with the matching domain name.

Skip these domains

Write the domain names in the text-box and Enpass will never ask you to save these domains ever. The domain names can be added/deleted from the box manually.


Keyboard Shortcuts

Use the keyboard shortcuts to Autofill the login details on the current page from the browser itself. You can create the shortcuts from your browser extension’s settings.

Hot key

Set the the system-wide hot key to launch Enpass from anywhere in the system. Hit the keyboard shortcut (hotkey) from within the same app you’re working on, the Enpass helper window will pop-up right there to give you quick access to your Enpass data.