Backup and Restore

Anyime you can manually take backup or make Enpass to automatically take backup of Enpass data in encrypted format on your system and also can restore your existing backup files.

Manual backups

Enpass lets you manually take backup of your updated Enpass data on the system. Just follow these simple steps.

  • Choose Backup... from File.
  • Every time you take a backup, a new file is created with a specific filename containing date and timestamp. Navigate to location where you want to save the Enpass data file with .walletx extension.

Your Enpass backup would be saved in your system in an encrypted format.

Automatic Backups

Enpass automatically takes regular backup of your data in the encrypted form and lets you manage and keep track of all the backups in an easy way. Checkout the Enpass Backup settings to know more.


Restoring Backups

  • If you want to restore the data from the previously taken Auto backups, just go to the Enpass Backup settings, and follow the steps described.
  • If you want to restore from the manually taken Backups, just Choose Restore... from File.
  • Browse to the backup file’s location and select the file to be restored.
  • You might be asked to enter the master password of file to be restored if the Enpass data file is of version 4.5.0 or above.
  • A warning message will be displayed. Click Yes to continue with restoring new data. This will remove all your previous data.


The restored file would replace the pre-existing one in your device.

We suggest you to let the Automatic backup feature enabled (by default which is enabled) in the Enpass settings. Doing this will make Enpass to automatically take regular backups, so that data consistency is maintained among all your cross-platform devices. This way unfavorable situations such as, device theft, can be tackled. Also, if you have enabled sync, all your changes would be auto-updated to the cloud.