Auto Backup

Enpass automatically takes regular backup of your data in the encrypted form and lets you manage and keep track of all the backups in an easy way. The Automatic Backup feature is enabled by default, which allows Enpass to automatically create a backup of data on the system every day, if there have been any changes made since the last backup.

  • Click on the check-box to enable/disable Automatic Backups.


For Enpass installed from MAC App Store, the backups will be deleted when Enpass is uninstalled. Learn more.

Restoring from backups

  • You can Restore the data from previous taken backups. Simply select the backup file you want to restore from the list, and click Restore.
  • You’ll be prompted to enter the master password, enter the password and click OK.
  • A pop-up will appear to alert you that restoring from backup will replace all your current data in Enpass. Click Yes to continue.
  • Once successfully restored, you’ll be prompted to enter the master password of the restored backup file to unlock Enpass.

Deleting any backup

You can delete any backup file from the list of available backups. Select the file you want to delete and press Delete button.

  • A pop-up will appear to make sure you really want to delete the backup file. Click OK to continue. Your backup file would then be deleted from the system.

Manual Backup

You can also manually take the backup of your data anytime. Click on Backup Now button, and it’ll replace the vary last backup taken that day (if there’s any) with latest backup of your data, otherwise, it’ll make a new backup file.


Backup Location

This shows the path of Enpass data on your System. Clicking on the path will open that location in your default file browser.

  • You can manually change the default location to save your Enpass data. Click on Change Location button and select the folder to save the backups.