Through this section of settings, you can control the syncing operations with supported clouds. You can invoke Sync Settings dialog in Mac OS from Enpass-Preferences-Sync tab.



On Windows and Linux platforms, option for accessing sync settings is under Tools-Settings.

Following steps should guide you through the cloud sync (or restore) process:

  • Select your cloud from the list. If you choose a cloud other than iCloud, you’d be directed to the authentication screen of that cloud.

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In Enpass for Windows and Linux, you can also enable sync with any folder on your system or network. If you are using application software of any of your favorite cloud service that makes available your data of their cloud as a folder on your PC, you can enable sync with that folder too. Read more about Folder sync.

  • Enter your credentials in its login screen.
  • Grant permissions to the cloud to continue with the sync process.
  • You will be redirected to localhost web-page with message Please continue with Enpass application.
  • Goto Enpass and your data would be synced successfully. Time stamps would also get updated.
  • In case, you have restored your data in a new device, you’d notice the following dialog after successful authentication. You can enable sync with the chosen cloud at the same moment.


You can sync your device with one cloud at a time. If you desire cross-platform synchronization, then don’t choose iCloud as it is available on Apple devices only