General settings deal with behavioral setup of Enpass. You can invoke General Settings dialog in Windows from Tools-Settings-General tab.



Open with last selected group

If checked, Enpass will preserve the last selection on sidebar and will resume from there on next execution. Otherwise, every time you execute new instance of Enpass, it will start from All items selected by default.


Search default to All Items

If checked, Enpass will find and show results for searched text from all items, otherwise it will search into selected category or folder in sidebar.



Show number of items in sidebar

If checked, Enpass will show the number of each item in the sidebar.


Show Subtitles

If checked, Enpass will show the subtitles along with the main title of the item.


Unlock feedback

If checked, Enpass plays a feedback sound at the time of unlocking keychain and incorrect password.



Minimize App to System Tray

Enabling this will add an Enpass icon on the system tray. You’ll also get an additional option to set the tray’s icon according to light and dark theme.


Autorun on System Startup

By enabling this, you can set Enpass to start automatically with system restart/login.