This section contains some of the advance settings options which are not generally accessed during normal Enpass operation. On Windows platform, option for accessing advanced settings is under Tools-Settings.



Erase Everything

You would need to use this to erase all Enpass data and current settings from your system. If you’ve Enpass backups taken via Auto backup feature of Enpass in your system, you’ll also get an option to delete them.


Before erasing everything from the device, you should take a backup of your Enpass data on a cloud or your system.

  • Click Erase Everything, you’d be asked to enter your master password.
  • After correct master password entry, you’d be prompted with a Warning message. Click OK.

You’d reach the Welcome screen from where you can start over or restore existing data.


This shows the path of Enpass data on your System. Clicking on the path will open that location in your default file browser.



On different desktop platforms, Enpass keeps the data at different locations.


By default, Enpass Matches the Default Language of your system, if it’s supported. You can also choose any other operational language from a list of supported languages.



Using this, you can manage the Proxy setting and configure how Enpass connects to the Internet.



Enabling High-DPI support will enable automatic scaling, based on the pixel density of the monitor. You can also manage the settings to manually adjust the scale factor for all the screens.


Beta Updates

In MAC and Windows platform, enabling this feature would notify you about the latest beta update availbale for Enpass. You can install the beta update by just clicking the Install Update button from the notification itself.


Updates and Analytics

Notify me for updates

By default, Enpass notifies you about any update available for the installed version or any other important security news that we need to share with our users. In this process, Enpass first connects (anonymously) to one of our domain ( which contains the information of latest releases with version numbers for all platforms. The version number (only) is fetched from your device using the GET query and sent to the server. The process is very safe and secure and doesn’t fetch any other information of the user. So, it is recommended to not disable this feature.


Send Analytics

By default this option is enabled to send the crash reports containing the stack trace and device info to the Enpass support team. You can disable this feature to not share the reports.