Syncing Data

Syncing your data with cloud is not manadatory to use Enpass. It is just an option to ensure that your data stays updated on all your devices, across all platforms. Enpass sync is as much secure as seamless its process is. The syncing of data is always performed offline on device, after the encrypted file is downloaded from remote cloud. Then the new encrypted file is pushed back to the cloud.

Cloud Sync

By the term cloud-sync, we mean that your data can be synced with the cloud of your choice (check supported clouds) and not with our server as we don’t store any of your private data.

Sync creates an automatic back-up over the cloud. Hence, you can be reassured of data-restore, in case of device-damage or theft.

Once you have enabled sync from Settings, you can sync by tapping the sync button from sidebar.


Supported clouds

Currently Enpass supports syncing of data across devices through your own account on following clouds where we do not store any of your data on our server.

  • iCloud (Enpass downloaded from MAC App Store only)
  • Dropbox
  • OneDrive
  • Google Drive
  • Box
  • ownCloud/WebDAV

Folder Sync

Desktop version of Enpass lets you sync with any folder, accessible on your system. So this way folder-sync works as an offline Auto backup feature that takes backup of your data in any folder, as soon as you make changes.

Another use-case of using folder sync is when your system is part of a network and you want to sync with data present on server or another PC. Even most of the cloud service providers have apps for desktop platforms that makes your cloud data accessible on your system through a folder; so folder-sync is another way of extending the range of supported clouds.

You can enable folder sync from Sync settings by choosing Folder option from drop-down.

Sync Timings

  • Every time you unlock your Enpass keychain, an auto-sync is initiated. (If Sync is turned on).
  • Every time when Enpass comes to foreground from background. (If Sync is turned on).
  • When you save any change in item details or master password, Enpass waits for 5 secs and initiates an auto-sync.
  • Auto-sync also happens after every 10 minutes, while the app is in the foreground.


  • Time taken in completion of a sync process depends on the data size, i.e, the no. of items in your Enpass keychain.
  • Any changes in settings are not synced to cloud (except for the master password).
  • When existing Enpass users restore their data from the welcome screen of a new device, their auto-sync is switched on, by default.

Time Stamps

Enpass keeps you informed about the latest successful data sync (Last synchronized) and the latest check for changes (Last attempt).