With the Enpass desktop version for MAC you can attach any type of file as an attachment to Enpass.


There’s restriction on uploading file more than 200 KB. Except the large image file that Enpass will compress automatically before saving in the keychain.

Attach File

Follow these steps to attach the file from your device to Enpass.

  • Go to the detail screen of the item where you want to store the attachment. Click on the Edit button.
  • It will open the edit screen of the item. click on the Field menu bar, a drop-down list will appear.
  • Click on Attach File from the list, a pop-up will appear with an attention message, click I understand to continue.


Attachments are saved inside the Enpass keychain and slow-down the syncing with the cloud. It is recommended to avoid unnecessary attachments in Enpass.

  • Now locate the file on device to save in Enpass.
  • After attaching the file, click save to finally save the attachment in the item.

Open Attachment

  • To open any text or image file saved in Enpass, go to the detail screen of the item and click on the attachment file. A context menu will appear, click on Open.
  • It will open the attachment. You will also get an option to save the file to disk by clicking the save to disk button. And, if the attachment is an image, you can also zoom it to get a closer look.

Save to disk

To save the attachment to the disk, go to the item’s detail screen and click on the attachment. A context menu will appear, click on Save to disk.

  • A pop-up will appear with a warning message. Click Yes to continue and choose the location to save the file in your device.

Delete Attachment

To delete any attachment, first go to the edit screen of the item and scroll down to the Attachments field. Click the cross icon on the attachment to delete it.

  • A warning message will appear, click on delete to continue.
  • To pertain the changes finally, you need to save the item as well.