Subset of PasswordΒΆ

Some sites or applications ask for the subset of the password for authentication. The subset can be the 1st, 4th, next-to-last, last character, or maybe some special set of passwords. You can easily create the subset of password in Enpass using the steps below.

  • Right click on the item and select Subset of Password from the context menu.
  • Enter the position of character in the Position input box and pressing the space bar would reveal the underlying character at that index. e.g. write 1 for the first character and -1 for the last character in the input box. Click * ? * icon for more info.
  • To get the continuous set of characters, enter the position of the first character and the number of total characters to be displayed, separated by a colon. e.g. if you want a subset of password of total 5 characters starting with the 2nd character, write 2:5.
  • You can also see the password in plain text by clicking the eye icon, and also can copy the password by clicking the copy icon next to eye icon.