Password Generator

Enpass has a built-in password generator that creates a strong and unique password every time you require one.

Generating Passwords

The password’s complexity can be altered by adjusting password recipes, i.e, pronounceable password recipe and random password recipe.



Enpass uses zxcbvn algorithm to give you the realistic estimation of password strength.

Here’s how to do it:

  • While generating random passwords, you can decide the number of digits, symbols and uppercase letters you want in your password, in that particular priority.
  • For pronounceable password, you can choose to use Uppercase, Digits and any one from the available seperators.

The Avoid Ambiguity button removes the following ambiguous letters from your password:

1 (one), l (small L) and I (eye); O (oh) and 0 (zero).

Usage In Browser Extension

Signing Up On A Web Page : While signing up on a web page use Enpass Extension to create strong and unguessable password. Click Fill & Copy from password generator and Enpass will create a Unique and Strong password, it will also copy and fill the password in the required fields automatically. Paste the password manually in safe place for further use or save the sign-up details as a new login in the Enpass App.


Changing An Existing Password : While changing the passwords of any existing account, click Fill & Copy and Enpass will create a Strong & Unguessable password and will also fill it in the required fields by itself. It will also prompt you to update the password of the same item in Enpass Keychain. Enpass also copies the password automatically and you can paste it in some safe place.


Password History

After version 4.6, every password you change and the passwords of every newly saved logins, gets recorded into password history of that particular password field in the Enpass App and also in the password history of Enpass Extension.You can also see the name of the domains of recently created passwords in the password history of Enpass Extension.

  • To see the password history, click the password generator icon and a pop-up window will appear.
  • Click on the Show history icon from the window, it will show the history of last 5 password changes.

If you’ve changed the password of any item, it also gets recorded in the password history of that particular item, which you can see by clicking the Password History icon from the item’s detail screen. There is no storage limit of password history here.