Browsing and Autofill

Enpass auto-fills your login details on websites while you surf the net. That means, no more copy/paste of sensitive information. By the end of this section, you’d know how to use Enpass to browse through internet in a seamless and secure manner.

The following real-life examples should be relatable to your online experiences:

  • While browsing, you landed on an interesting Twitter profile and now you have to sign-in to follow it.
  • You filled a cart while shopping online and you need to sign-in to checkout.
  • You need to change your password while on the go.

This list could go on and on! In all the above cases, you’d just have to click on the sign in button and Enpass would pick your login credentials from Enpass keychain and auto-fill them for you. Know more about it:

Enpass Browser

Enpass Browser is the app’s built-in multitabbed browser. You can surf the net the same way you’d do with any basic browser, except that it is built right into your password protector, so you needn’t worry about credentials’ theft.

You can open Enpass Browser by tapping the browser button, after swiping down the top of your Enpass screen.



You can easily switch between Enpass and its browser. Tap the Go back to Enpass button to leave the browser running in background while you visit the app.


Autofill with Enpass Browser

The following steps would guide you on how to use the autofill facility in Enpass.

  • Tap the Autofill button when you reach a login page.
  • Enpass would show you a list of all matching credentials (saved by you) for that domain. Select the one you want to sign-in with.


In case, you want to directly login using an item, tap the button that’s to the right of its URL and select Enpass Browser from the list. Every time you tap a URL, you’d be prompted to select a browser and the link will open in a new tab. To avoid this prompt, set your browser preference in Settings.