With the version 5.1, Enpass has started the support of storing the Time-based one-time passwords for the logins (which support TOTP service). See the steps below to enable TOTP for your logins in Enpass.

  • Select the login item where you want to use TOTP.
  • Tap on the Edit button.
  • Now tap on the overflow menu button from the edit screen, a list would appear.
  • Select add TOTP from the list, it’d show you a new field with the name TOTP and a QR code icon on it.
  • Click the QR code icon that appears at the right corner of the field. A Qr code scanner will appear.
  • Drag the scanner over the QR code on the website from which you are adding TOTP, or you can copy and paste the secret key into the text field manually.
  • Tap on the Done button.

Enpass runs a countdown of 30 seconds so that you know when the code expires. When the time runs-out, a new code would automatically be generated and the countdown restarts.



You can not add multiple TOTP fields in a single item.