You will find the Share button on the item-detail screen (in the overflow menu).



The attachments will not get shared while sharing the item.

Items can be shared in the following two formats:

  1. Plain Text: Plain text item can be read by anyone.
  2. Scrambled: Scrambled item can only be accessed by Enpass users.


Plain text poses a security threat, in the case of sensitive data. Sharing private data in plain text should be avoided unless it’s an urgency.

Enpass offers multiple ways to share items:

  • You can share items via mail and messages by tapping the Share button from the item-detail screen.
  • To share an item using other apps such as messengers, you can Copy it and paste within the messenger of your choice.

You can even share a field-value by copying it to the clipboard.

  • Tap the field, you’d notice a Copy button pop up.
  • Tap this Copy button. You can paste your text wherever you’d like to (even outside the app).

Share Attachment

You can also share the attachment saved in Enpass via mail or the other data sharing apps installed on your device. Just follow these easy simple steps:

  • Go to the details screen of the item where you’ve stored the attachment.
  • Click on the attachment you want to share. You will be provided with the preview of the attachment.
  • Click on the share button and a warning message will appear prompting you to continue exporting the image in an unencrypted format. Click yes to continue and you’ll be provided with the list of sharing apps. Select the one you want to share the attachment with, and you’re done.


You must share the attachments using the reliable sources to avoid the data breach.