This section deals with security of the Enpass app in your device.


Change Master Password

  • To change your master password you’d first have to enter the old password and then set (and confirm) the new one.
  • Tap on the done sign and you would be prompted to authenticate your fingerprint.
  • Once the authentication is confirmed, you would be informed about the success of the password change.


If you have enabled sync, the new password for Enpass data would get updated to the cloud during next sync operation. Also, other devices syncing with that cloud will ask for this new password from then on.

Autolocking and Quick Unlock

Autolocking protects your data from unauthorized access by locking the Enpass keychain, even when your device’s privacy has been compromized.

Quick unlock feature namely, PIN Code, saves you from entering your master password every time you want to unlock the app. Users must enable device screen lock to use Quick unlock facility.

The whole behavior of autolocking and quick unlock can be controlled by the following settings:

Lock After

The default setting is 1 minute of inactivity, which means that Enpass would be auto-locked if left unattended for 1 minute.


You can change it to match your comfort.

Lock on Leaving

If the switch is enabled, the app gets locked immediately when sent to background, irrespective of the inactivity-time setting. By default, this switch is turned on.


PIN Code

Master password is set as the default authentication requirement. You can avoid entering your master password altogether by using a 4-10 digit PIN Code.


Now on, you’d be asked for the PIN to unlock the app. Although, after an unsuccessful attempt you’d have to enter the master password.

Change PIN

  • Just tap Change PIN button.
  • Enter the new PIN.

Your PIN would be changed.


Enpass supports the built-in Touch ID sensor of Android devices having 6.0 Marshmallow and above OS. That means you could use your fingerprint instead of passwords to unlock the app and its browser extensions.

Tap on the check-box and you’d be prompted to authenticate your fingerprint.

  • Once the authentication is confirmed, fingerprint would be enabled.

Using Fingerprint has two major benefits:

  • It is quicker than entering password.
  • It saves your password from unwanted attention.

While unlocking, after five unsuccessful attempts with fingerprint, the app would ask for your master password to proceed.


You cannot use Fingerprint and PIN Code together. If you try toggling both options on, you would be promted with the following message.


Hide Sensitive

By default, all sensitive fields are concealed by bullets.


Clear Clipboard After

When you copy any data while viewing any item’s detail in Enpass, it gets stored on your device’s clipboard. You can choose when to clear this data from clipboard. By default, it is set to After 30 seconds.