Distributing Licenses

To distribute licenses among family members, you need to pre list them as Members of your family from the main page.

Family member who has been authorized by the family manager on portal will receive an email along with the details required to activate Premium license of Enpass password manager.

Adding a member

To add family members, follow the below steps:

  • Select members from the sidebar.

  • Tap + button.

  • Enter the name and email address of the member.


Once you add a family member in the console, the family member will receive an email from Enpass, highlighting further steps to download Enpass on their device and activate access to Premium features.

Removing a member

To deactivate the license for a single person, just turn off the active Toggle button.

  • Click adjacent to the family member.

  • Click Remove.


Once you remove a family member, please note they no longer have access to the Premium features, and their account type becomes ‘Lite.’