The latest update to Enpass universal Windows app boosts productivity

It’s been our forever motto to make Enpass even more useful to make you more productive, enabling you to get things done without getting in the way.

No one sits on his or desk to do ‘password management’, and we understand that. Accessing secure information should be seamless and convenient.

With the latest update of Enpass UWP app (version 5.2), we've followed the exact line of thought, and have brought full-time Windows Hello support, along with some amazing new features and improvements.

Full-time Windows Hello for Surface

We introduced full-time support for Windows Hello with the version 5.1 for Windows 10 Mobile devices with TPM chip, like the Lumia 950 and Lumia 950XL. With the latest update, we’ve brought the same functionality to your Surface devices.

Now, with Enpass for Windows, you don’t need to enter the master password to unlock the app – even when the app or the device is restarted. Just enable Windows Hello from the settings, and enjoy the seamless peeking, pretty much like you log in to Windows itself.

Well, we know, we took a while to bring this feature to your Surface devices. Although, it should've been right there from the start, but we preferred to do it in a secure way taking care of these security hurdles rather than to do a quick job and hinder your experience.

Note that the full-time Windows Hello support is only available for devices having TPM chip, essentially, Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 for now.

Secondary Tiles support

With this update, we've totally changed the way you access your Enpass items. If there’s an item that you need to access frequently, you can just pin that to Start screen, and voila! This would create an individual item Tile on the Start screen which you can click anytime to directly get to its details screen. Boo-gidi-boo!

Other Features

Of course, you wouldn’t like if that was all. Apart from squashing some creepy bugs, we've got several new options – like re-ordering the fields of the items you want, checking out the strength of each password you've created from the item's detail screen, and much more. To know the specifics, check out the complete change-log here.

Also, don't forget to rate Enpass on Windows Store, and stay connected with us on Facebook and Twitter. In case of any query or suggestion, head straight to our Enpass Forums.



Jim 2 years ago

On my Surface Book, even after the update, it is requiring the master password on first login. Any troubleshooting tips?


Greg 2 years ago

Mine as well, Surface Pro 4, enabled windows hello. Works great except for the very first time entering the app it requires me to type the Master password. Hoping this is a simple glitch that can be worked out.


Enpass Team 2 years ago

Hi All,

Sorry to hear about the trouble. Resetting Windows Hello on your Surface devices might resolve your issue.


Ali 1 year, 6 months ago

i don't see where I can enable windows hello support in the windows 10 desktop enapss settings. What am I missing?


Patrick 1 year, 6 months ago

Have the same problem on my new Surface Book with Enpass 5.5.2. Where are the Windows Hello settings?


Martin 1 year, 5 months ago

I missed this too....Now i know the Windows Hello Support only is for the Windows UWP App (Windows Store App).
The Desktop Version does not support Hello...This is sad..Hope they make it happen..


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