Here comes the Edge Extension for Enpass, and few changes along the way

It’s been a long wait, but it’s here finally! It took us longer than what we expected when we started working with Microsoft to bring an extension for the Microsoft Edge browser. Also, while we were working on it, we realized, we need to change a few other things about Enpass for Windows.

So, sit tight and let us share the details.

New Enpass app on Windows Store

More and more users increasingly prefer downloading apps from Windows Store only. While Enpass has had a UWP app on Windows Store since forever, our more powerful app that supported browser extensions was the traditional desktop app that was available on our website as a free download.

We know it was confusing, but there were two challenges. One, users on older versions of Windows did not have access to the Windows Store. Second, the UWP apps had limited APIs, restricting us from offering the Enpass extension for Edge as a complete feature set on the Windows Store. 

But thanks to the Desktop Bridge offered by Microsoft, we’ve been able to port our Win32 desktop app to the Windows Store. The full-featured new Enpass app, named Enpass password manager, can be downloaded for free from the Windows Store and is compatible with Windows 10 Creators Update and later versions.

Enpass universal app for Windows 10 PC and Mobile

The existing UWP app on Windows Store is not going anywhere at the moment. If you are a Windows 10 Mobile user, you’ll have it available on the Windows Store. It will also be available for PC in its current form, although it does not support browser extensions.

So, this is what we suggest. On PCs and tablets, use the new bridged app. That’s the version we’ll take forward on to our next major release. When the next major release arrives, we’ll take the UWP off the Store and focus on the new app.

With the next version, we’ll also upgrade the bridged app to a more modern UI (yes, dark mode too!) and bring in some more signature Windows 10 experiences which users of our UWP app are already familiar with.

But all that change doesn’t mean we’re going off Windows 10 Mobile with the next release. We have a strong community of Windows users, and as long as they are rocking a Windows 10 Mobile device, we’ll make sure Enpass is available with regular updates. We’ll just refresh the current UWP app to the newer app at the time.

Edge Extension for Enpass

If you’re already familiar with other browser extensions for Enpass, the Edge Extension is pretty much the same. All you need to do is download and install the extension from the Windows Store, and you’re done. Like we said before, it works only in conjunction with the new Enpass app available on the Windows Store.

You can use the extension for quick autofilling of login details, credit card information, and more – all from within the Edge browser.

It might be a little confusing, but you’ll find that our new approach works best for Windows users in the long run. The transition period is a little hazy with two apps with different advantages, but it’s only a phase. We’ve thought hard about it, talked to a few industry experts, and settled on this strategy of putting our might behind the new bridged app.

If you have any questions or clarifications, feel free to comment here, reach us on Twitter at @EnpassApp or on Facebook. You can also drop us a line at for any issues setting up the new extension, and to start any discussion, head straight to the Enpass Forums.



Colin Davidson 1 year ago

Nice that you're embracing bridging, but the UWP app looks better and has Windows Hello...
I presume hello will arrive at some point as that's the main feature.
I hope the future for windows phone app is safe as you promise.. Again, Windows Hello was the winner for that, and the universal aspect


Brian 1 year ago

Aren't you supposed to be able to use Win32 components alongside UWP components? Just ship the UWP app along with a win32 component that communicates with extensions. That way you get the best of both worlds.


jeroene 1 year ago

isn't dropping the UWP version also dropping support for windows 10 mobile? or does the bridged version also work on mobile?


gee 1 year ago

Can you read?


James 1 year ago

Pretty disappointed with this if I'm being honest, like I said on reddit a few days ago about this change..

"Well this is annoying. We should be working towards improving the app on the future platform, not half assing it via the desktop bridge so it looks like a UWP app, but it's really not."


Anthony 1 year ago

Will beta versions still be available through Store app or will this still require using the download installer?


Gam 1 year ago

Oh well, I suppose I'm just gonna wait until there are APIs in UWP that allow a real Enpass on that platform...


Jordan 1 year ago

I find lack of APIs in the UWP a hard pill to swallow. Particular since the Native Messaging APIs that have arrived in Edge are built with UWP interaction in mind (Win32 support comes through the Desktop Bridge components).

Doesn't fill me with confidence.

The promise of bringing the UWP apps design I'm not particular fond of either. Every app I've seen that does this looks wrong. It could be a few extra pixels in the wrong area, or a control that behaves differently.


Joe 12 months ago

Without Windows Hello this is a waste of time.

LastPass already have you beat since at least it supports fingerprint authentication.


robin 12 months ago

syncing with one drive is not working.


Freddy Grande 12 months ago

Haven't tested this yet but will soon when I get around to it.
Is it safe to assume the new Enpass Password Manager app works with other browser plug-ins? (Opera, Chrome...)


David 12 months ago

A welcome improvement to the Enpass suite. At last Edge extensions. Password manager is an improvement on previous desktop version. Not having widows hello on UWP not a problem for most of us. Android phone app syncs nicely with windows program. This is the best value password manager program suite out there.


Dominique Cote 7 months, 1 week ago

Totally dis-agree with David. In fact, Windows Hello and UWP support is THE main reason fellow Windows fans and I use Enpass in the first place. :-) Most of my buddies would rather forgo an Edge extension over Hello support and the sleek, brilliant design of the Universal app. @Enpass: I still don't understand why an Edge plugin couldn't just connect to OneDrive (or any other cloud) and access the vault from there? Just design the Edge plugin as another "client".


Brent 7 months ago

May be less bug and crashes?
Also, the Win32 App UI is ugly...


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