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The FREAK Flaw: Another Security threat

Security in Enpass 4.5, SQLCipher and more

In Enpass 4.5 not only we have introduced fresh user interface but also we have enchanted security by many folds. In fact the new security engine was itself one of the reasons to rewrite the whole application from scratch and thats why it took months for us. 

Enpass is not at all bleeding with Heartbleed

Everything you do online from browsing, shopping, communicating and even banking is totally based on safety of your passwords and identities from rest of the world. Recent Heartbleed bug was a big blow on that safety and everything that meant to be very personal and secure was at risk. Did I say everything? OK , let me elaborate the word “everything”. Everything means the information that supposed to be encrypted and inaccessible during communication with most of the secure websites. In other words, heartbleed bug removed ’S’ for security from HTTPS protocol). 


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