An open call for Beta testers for Enpass 5.0 on Android.

Congratulations Folks! Many of you Enpassians have successfully unlocked the lifetime-pro versions of Enpass for Android during the myAppFree offer period. Cheer up ūüĎć

Now along with the free upgrade, we are in a state to release an awesome free update of Enpass with many astonishing features including

  • Enpass Keyboard for auto-filling in other Apps. 
  • Improved Fingerprint support for Marshmallow devices.

In flow with your high hopes for Enpass 5.0 on Android, we need to run a Beta trial worldwide in real environment, which is not possible for us alone. So we are calling for Enpass users, interested in volunteering for Beta testing. Take a step forward and join our Beta program.

Join Beta Program

We really love you so much for all your contribution in making Enpass, what it is today! 



Tijo Francis 2 years, 8 months ago

Please introduce tags for each entry.( 3-5 tags for each entry)
These tags should be editable.
It would help in easier grouping than folders & better incorporation of a single login under different tags.
Tags like - personal, financial, wallet, shopping, clouds, etc. It has better categorisation I think.


Enpass Team 2 years, 8 months ago

Dear Tijo, thanks for sharing your suggestion and it has been noted in our road-map.


Raja Chawat 2 years, 8 months ago

Please introduce multiple vaults to separate work/home, etc.


Enpass Team 2 years, 8 months ago

Dear Raja,

Thanks for your valuable suggestion, but this feature is already in our road-map and you will definitely see it in future versions.


deanmuc 2 years, 8 months ago

Vers. 4.6.5
1) set master password
2) turn fingerprint unlock on
3) change master password
4) try to unlock with your fingerprint
4a) fingerprint is recognized
4b) you can see in the background that the password is rejected
4c) you have to enter the new password manually

I assume that the old password is still associated with the fingerprint

5) change the master password back to the old one
6) try to unlock with your fingerprint
6a) fingerprint is recognized
6b) login is successful

=> to make the fingerprint work with the new password you have to turn off and on again the fingerprint option


Enpass Team 2 years, 8 months ago

Dear Deanmuc,

Thanks for reporting the issue. It will be fixed in next update.


Nelson 2 years, 8 months ago

Please introduce the ability to require multi-factor authentication requirement (using Google Authenticator) after entering a master password. This would help if someone ever gets a hold of the password, they'd still need that 2nd authentication to get in! Additionally, we should be able to "trust" a device for a specific period of time (up to 30 days) so we don't have to keep authenticating. But if a device is lost/stolen, we should be able to "untrust" the device in the data file. I hope you consider this suggestion.


Enpass Team 2 years, 8 months ago

Hello Nelson,

Using multi-factor authentication is not useful in Enpass. Enpass is an offline password manager where your data is encrypted using your master password and SQLCipher. Neither we have your data stored on our cloud and nor we ask you to create an account with us which we need to verify using 2FA. If anyone gets an access to your encrypted data file AND ALSO knows your master password, 2FA can't do anything.

Your master password is the only key for the security lock at your data house, so anyone who has that key can open the lock and enter your house.


Debopriyo Basu 2 years, 4 months ago

Hello Enpass Team!
there is one small thing i would like you to improve:
1.when i enable enpass autofill by notification and open a site,enpass sghows the notification shortly and then it vanishes.By the time I reach for the notification panel,it vanishes.It happens when i have some more apps on the notification tray with persistent notifications and is quite irritating.My suggestion would be give us an option to keep a persistent enpass notification on the notification tray.
2.When the notification is touched,Enpass opens up in a full screen app.I would request to make a small dialog box to ask for master password[PIN unlock would be better],show relevant sites,or add logins,something that I miss from Lastpass since I switched to Enpass.
3.When Enpass is not in memory and Enpass is opened,it always asks for the master password.Can it be done in this way that when I install Enpass for the first time,I will have to give the master password and subsequently I will have to give the Quick unlock PIN to open Enpass from the next time?
Thank you.


Enpass Team 2 years, 3 months ago

Hi Debopriyo Basu,

Please drop us an email at with the
details your device name, its Android version and Enpass version you are using.


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