Security in Enpass 4.5, SQLCipher and more

In Enpass 4.5 not only we have introduced fresh user interface but also we have enchanted security by many folds. In fact the new security engine was itself one of the reasons to rewrite the whole application from scratch and thats why it took months for us. 

Released Enpass 4.5 with a Massive Feature Set.

Hold on to your hats, ladies and gents. We have a BIG news! Finally the wait is over. The much awaited Enpass 4.5 has been released in market.

Restoring existing purchase of previous Enpass version onto new Enpass 4.5 App.

After a sorrowful removal of Enpass from the US Google Play Store, we are about to release the new update of ENPASS as a separate app, which also resulted in delay to release process. We did our best to make sure that our existing Enpass & Walletx users needn't to pay again to use the new version and can restore their existing purchases without any hassle. 

Why are we releasing Enpass update 4.5 for Android as a new App on Play store? Reasons Explained!

We are really very happy about the upcoming new update of Enpass as v4.5 but sideways it will be very painful for us to release that as a separate new App on Google Play Store. Yes, it is sudden as we had to take an immediate action when we came to know that our existing app has been removed from US Google Play Store under the issue of Trademark infringement.

Be golly, be jolly on XMAS with 50% sale on Enpass

Merry Christmas!! Jesus is the reason for Christmas season of happiness and joy. Adding to that we are putting Enpass on sale with discounted price of $4.99 on all the supported platforms. And as before, the desktop version for Mac and Windows is FREE.


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